Your travel agent or tour operator organizes your tour exactly as per your guidelines. The tour begins and you reach your destination. But suddenly, you have an emergency back at home and you have to cancel your tour midway. So now you want the refund for the services that have not been provided to you yet.

Different service providers work on different principles and have different policies. Some may understand the severity of the situation and may agree to give the refund, but others may not. Airlines may not refund at all.

Therefore to cover these unexpected expenses, we strongly recommend that all travellers buy travel insurance and are adequately insured for their holiday. Travel Insurance is a wise decision for all kinds of travellers. Travel insurance will help you recover your costs in case if any delay, disaster or cancellation which impacts your tour plans and thus provides you peace of mind.

If you are unable to provide proof of travel insurance, you may have to sign an indemnity form absolving us of any liability which may arise due to cancellation, delay or any disaster while traveling in India.

Can look for a comprehensive insurance policy locally.