As a policy we book rooms on first come and first serve basis. We do not have any agreement with hotels to block the rooms, which means that the hotels are free to sell or promote their properties. We are prompt with the payments to our suppliers and which means that we have an edge during the busy tourist season.

As normal we book rooms on bed & breakfast basis until and unless otherwise agreed or asked. This gives our customers the opportunity and liberty to have meals per their choice. They can eat in a small local restaurant or choose to dine in luxury hotels restaurants. However, there are some situations where the accommodation is only offered on a half or full board basis. This applies to the houseboats, the homestays and the hotels located in remote areas.

Our drivers are well versed with the routes and can communicate well with the guests. They do not speak fluent English. To keep the tour price competitive, we keep our overheads under control. We always strive hard to provide VALUE FOR MONEY tours.