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Capital: Kathmandu Area Total: 147,181 km2 Language: Nepali (official), along with 30 major dialects, Hindi and English Population: 27,676,547 (July 2006 EST.) Currency: Nepalese rupee (NPR)

Royal India Holidays Pvt Ltd provides Cheap Nepal Tour Packages because Nepal -the eclectic mix of religion, adventure and culture, is a preferred holiday destination for travelers from all parts of the world.

It welcomes you with its picturesque mountain gorges, snow peaked Himalayas, glimpses of Hindu gods and goddesses and more. Get ready to trek to the highest point on Earth or share a kind smile with a Buddhist monk. With thriving metropolises, wildlife reserves, nature treks, untouched wilderness and lure of casino winnings, Royal Nepal truly beckons-and in more ways than one.

This definitive guide helps you tread through the tucked away Himalayan Kingdom-in the best ways possible.


Nepal An Overview

Nepal lies wedged between the high walls of the Himalayas and the lush plains and steamy jungles of the Indian Sub-Continent. A land of Sherpas, yetis, yaks, mantras, monasteries and snow clad heights; Nepal has always lured travelers with its ethereal magnificence and myriad range of natural bounties.



Standing tall at an elevation of 8848 meters , Mt. Everest-- the highest peak in the world, awes tourists with its magnificent grace and powers. The geographically diverse terrains of Nepal are flush with valleys, lush plains, rivers, gorges and lakes-which makes it a place worth visiting.


Mountain Adventure And Fun

Nepal had opened up its boundaries to outsiders in the 1950s. Ever since, this tiny and quaint mountain nation has charmed mountaineers, travelers and nature lovers with its irresistible mystical allure. Legions of trekkers come here to experience the magic of Nepal's accessible and iconic hiking, rugged trails leading to Mt. Everest and the captivating beauty of Mt. Annapurna. Nepal is truly "Nirvana" for mountain lovers.

Mountaineering in Nepal is more organized than in any other part of the world and offers secure trails, hot meals, local guides and porters, cozy lodges, incredible mountain scenery and much more.

Adventure seekers looking for the adrenalin rush love to raft down its swift flowing rivers , bungee jump into bottomless Himalayan gorges or go canyoning, kayaking, paragliding, hiking, trekking mountain climbing and mountain biking-all in the backdrop of some of the most wonderful scenic bounties of Nepal.


Temples & Tigers

If you prefer to experience the offerings of Nepal at a more relaxed and gentle pace, then think of its temples and tigers. You can admire the nation's mind blowing peaks from viewpoints on hilltop temples or while strolling through temple-lined city squares of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. With plenty of Buddhist monasteries and stupas dominating the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal quenches your thirst for a spiritual tour as well.

You can move further south to experience Nepal's wild and wooly national parks and reserves. Whether it is about scanning the treetops and skies for the most exotic bird species or watching out for tigers and rhinos from atop lumbering Indian elephants-you are spoiled for choice in Nepal.

A haven for wild life enthusiasts, bird watchers and tourists crazy about seeing the natural habitats of flourishing animal kingdom; this part of the country is best explored on bikes or in well equipped tourist buses-- that promise the best memories and experiences of Nepal.


Things To Do In Nepal

Very few countries in the world are as well setup for independent travel and exploratory trips as Nepal. Wander through the bakeries, pizzerias and trekking shops of Pokhara and Thamel or lighten your wallet in the sprawling shopping arenas of Kathmandu.

You can visit these centers after indulging in the delights of Nagarkot, Chitwan Forests, Lumbini, and Janakpur or after savoring the bounties of Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. While in Lumbini, you must not miss a visit to the birthplace of Gautam Buddha-the founder of the Buddhist sect.

Nepal is also a favored location for backpackers--with a plethora of smartly packaged tours and potential adventures which glimmer on the horizons of this beautiful country.



While summers are pleasant and winters severe in the north, the southern precincts of the country boast of warmer summers and milder winters. The Terai regions may experience a maximum temperature of 37 degrees in summers and winter temperatures ranging between 7 degrees to 23 dgrees. The summers are temperate at higher elevations with winter temperatures plummeting under sub zero.

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